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Sentinel Spectrum Chews
Sentinel Chews are used to prevent heartworm disease, control flea populations and control intestinal worms in dogs. Regular treatment with Sentinel provides long term protection and control of flea infestations, and aids in the treatment of flea allergy dermatitis in dogs.

For prevention of heartworm and control of intestinal worms, dogs should be treated with Sentinel every month, preferably on the same date. Heartworm is transmitted via mosquitoes, therefore the first dose of Sentinel should be given within one month of the start of the mosquito season and monthly until the end of the season for effective heartworm prevention. For best results in terms of flea control, give Sentinel throughout the year without interruption. Note: Growing puppies may gain sufficient weight during the course of treatment to require an increased dose of Sentinel before a packet has been consumed. A veterinarian should be consulted for appropriate dosing instructions for puppies.

The lufenuron in Sentinel inhibits the development of flea eggs into adults; it does not have any action in killing the adult fleas. Concurrent use of other products effective in killing adult fleas may be necessary for complete flea control. All animals in the household should be treated for fleas for full efficacy of the product. If a high adult flea burden is present at the start of treatment with Sentinel Spectrum, administer a product registered for use against adult fleas until the adult flea population is reduced. Initially, treatment of the pet's environment may also be recommended for severe flea infestations.

Each tablet contains: milbemycin oxime, lufenuron & praziquantel



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